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    code edits I made in beta 1 dont work the same way in Flash Builder

    Luke Pearce

      Before switching over to beta 2 I was working on my project in Beta 1. In beta 1 i could edit the code myself when I needed to create changes to states within custom components not available in the interface. I was able to change the code for buttons quite easily like:


      protected function Button_click():void






      protected function Button091_rollOver():void





      Im now rebuilder the whole project in beta 2 and as I cant edit the code directly in catalyst im using Flash builder instead. However, when I try to change the code in the same way I did before it keeps telling me that the custom components dont exist. Would the above code not make sense in Flash builder?


      I only changed over to Beta 2 as I couldn't embed the font in Beta 1. Beta 2 has been great so far but the problem of not being able to edit the code is huge and might mean I cant complete my project!


      Any help is much appreciated!