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    Linking a Topic to a Book after WebHelp generation.

    Kutra Level 1



      When you create a new Book in the TOC, you get a checkbox to link to a Topic to it such that when the book is clicked/opened (in the WebHelp), the topic is displayed. I forgot to link a topic to a particular book and generated the WebHelp which has passed quality assurance. I do not have the option of regenerating the WebHelp, so I wanted to know if anybody knows how to tweak the files in the WebHelp output to link a topic to a book. Note that the book is already being displaced in the TOC, but the topic is not displayed in the TOC.


      If we can accomplish the above, then I would like to know if there is a way to apply a conditional tag to a topic after WebHelp generation as well. The reason is topics in my project that are linked to a book have a "DoNotDisplay" conditional tag in the TOC. This ensures that when the book is clicked, the topic is displayed in the right frame, but the topic itself is not displayed under the book in the TOC.


      Please advise on how to do both the things above.