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    Editing very large images

    adam.brakhane Level 1

      I have several very large images that require minor editing. The tasks that I require are only basic rotation, cropping, and maybe minor color adjustments.

      The problem is that the images range from 20780 x 15000 px down to 11150 x 2600 px.

      With images this size, when I try to perform any operation on the entire image, like a 3 deg rotation, fireworks simply times out. Maybe it is because it can't generate the preview image at that size, maybe it simply can't calculate the image at that size. If it is just the preview image, is there a way to lower the quality (say, jpeg quality of 5%) of the preview image only but when I export the image, I can keep it at 100%?


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      (Yes, I did search, but the forums search seemed mildly useless and engine results consistently returned nothing)