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    ComboBox not working correctly

      Hi there,

      I am developing a small Flash (AS2) application, using Flash CS3, and have run into a problem with the ComboBox componet.

      I am loading another movie into the main movie with the following code:

      var container = _level0.createEmptyMovieClip("ui_slider", _level0.getNextHighestDepth());
      trace("On last frame");
      ui_slider._x = 60;
      ui_slider._y = -382

      everything works fine, but none of the comboBoxes are working. I can see the first item that can be selected, but the pull-down selection is not working. Nothing happens when I click it.

      the ui-sliderv2.swf movie works as expected when run on its own.

      Here are the links to the SWF.


      The menu SWF on it's own:

      Any suggestions?