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    Flash template (link) help


      I posted this in a couple other forums as well.   Hopefully, this being the source, I can get an answer here.



      The 2 bigger squares are in an area called "pages"
      The blue-outlined area is called "menu"


      Inside Menu is the links


      When you click on these links it is supposed to bring up new pages for each one, in "pages"
      As of now they just bring up the same main pages.


      This is the whole action code from Item2

      onClipEvent(load) {


      on(rollOver) {
      if(_root.link<>num) {
      _root.menu2["item" + num].gotoAndPlay("s1");

      on(rollOut, releaseOutside) {
      if(_root.link<>num) {
      _root.menu2["item" + num].gotoAndPlay("s2");

      on(release) {
      if(_root.link<>num and _root.animation==1) {
      _parent["item" + _root.link].gotoAndPlay("s2");
      _root.menu2["item" + _root.link].gotoAndPlay("s2");

      Can someone explain this to me?

      Each one corresponds to its accurate item#, but they are all just bringing up the main pages.


      Inside "pages" within each frame (5) they change to the corresponding pages that the links are supposed to go to.

      I hope this makes sense.  I just need to figure out why its not working.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          when a button is clicked the _root timeline plays.  presumably code is encountered on the _root timeline that uses _root.link_prev to do something (like animate-out the current page) and that uses _root.link to do something (like animate-in the next page).


          p.s.  that's terrible coding.

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            locabooty Level 1

            I am not familar with coding, I know the bare basics and I am trying to educate myself.

            I bought the template so whoever made it is at fault for the terrible coding lol

            I am just trying to sort through it.


            I guess I have no choice other than to just sit around and try to figure it out.



            Here is a link to the template.



            You can see when you click all the separate links it brings up different pages.  When you click on the title, it brings up the main pages again.

            Right now all it does it bring up the main pages for all of them.


            Thanks for replying

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              you really shouldn't study that coding.  it's terrible.


              go to www.senocular.com and study his code snippets and coding.  if you're going to pick a teacher, pick someone capable.

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                locabooty Level 1

                kglad I will go have a look.

                My only worry is if I go trying to change stuff I will mess it up completely and it won't work at all.



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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  save a working copy with one name.  then save it with another that you use as your experimental/learning file.  you can always go back to the original if you get desperate.


                  however, if you make some changes that seem like progress, save it.  again with a different name.  most programmers just add a number to a descriptive name and increase the number as they make progress.  it's not unusual to end up with gallery1.fla, gallery2.fla,...,gallery22.fla.  and if gallery22.fla works just the way you want, you save it as gallery.fla and you're done.