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    Best procedure for low-res editing and hi-res exporting? 4-slice split screen


      Hi All,


      I'm setting up my first project for school in Premiere Pro CS4 and I've run into a performance problem which I am trying to solve by editing in low resolution (640x480) and exporting to high resolution (1280x960) at the final stage.


      My system: Vista SP1, Intel Core Duo T7500@2.2Ghz, RAM 3.0 GB, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, HD 7200 rpm


      Not the ideal for video editing, but I'm positive I should be able to manage a small project.


      The target resolution would be 1280x960, obviously trying to set up the project in that resolution caused awful performance and made the editing practically impossible.


      I switched to the 640x480 30fps set-up and things got a little better. In fact performance is acceptable when a single clip  (640x480px F4V in h264) is played in the playback window. Unfortunately the project consists of a 4-slice split screen, hence I have 4 clips playing onscreen during editing simultaneously all of the time.


      This slows down things a bit with 640x480 clips and synching the videos is difficult when playback is choppy.


      I thought of some solutions and I would like to know if these are feasible and if so what would be the best procedure.


      Solution 1:

      1. Use 320x240 clips instead of scaled 640x480 clips, then replace the assets before rendering. Problems: how do I batch-replace the assets without having to replace them one by one? How do I keep the 640x480 clips at the right scale? I expect that once I try to replace the 320x240 clips with the bigger ones in the split screen the new bigger clips will fill the screen at 100% instead of taking up a quarter of the screen each. This is why I doubt this step is correct.
      2. Once finished editing export the project to the high resolution (1280x960). Problems: I did a test exporting to 1280x960 a 640x480 project with 4 clips of 640x480px scaled at 50% to take up each a quarter of the screen. The result was that the apparent resolution of each of the 4 sectors was lower than 640x480, very pixelated , probably Premiere renders the 640x480 clips at 320x240 when they're scaled at 50% even when their final size in the hi-res format is the original one. Is there a workaround?


      Solution 2:

      1. Create a 640x480 project using 4 clips at 320x240. Editing the whole project in this resolution should overcome the performance problems.
      2. After editing is finished, create a new 1280x960 project and import the 640x480 sequence from step 1. Q: is this possible? How do I do this?
      3. Scale the sequence to fit the 1280x960 resolution. Q: how do you do this? will the sequence remain unaltered?
      4. Replace the 320x240 clips with the 640x480 version. Q: how to batch-replace the clips all at once?
      5. Export to 1280x960. Q: will my pc be able to render this within a reasonable time?


      I'm sorry if this is a little complicated, please let me know if you need more information.

      Your help is really appreciated.


      Thank you