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    Replacement for Adobe Dimensions?


      I design wine labels and bottle capsules and need to wrap the finished flat artwork around a 3d shape (the wine bottle) for presentation to clients. I don't need the complexity of a full brown 3d program, but the ability to make a 2d label look like a 3d object, including having control over lighting and shadows.  I currently use an old program called Adobe Dimensions, which Adobe has dropped and only runs on OS9.  I need to learn a new tool that runs on OSX.  My labels are created using illustrator and photoshop, primarily photoshop.  Can anyone recommend a straight forward approach in Photoshop or other software for doing this?  I've reviewed the 3d capability of CS4 Extended, but it seems far too complex for what I'm doing.  I don't think this requires building a 3d model, but a more simple approach would be preferred.  Any help would be appreciated.