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    Smoothness of movements in Premiere Pro 4.2


      Hello, I work with Premiere Pro 4.2 Windows Vista. Shortly, I received a none compressed Quicktime HD 10 Bit movie 1920 x 1080 25 frames (made with final cut pro on a Mac) with a technical computer animation. For my target media Harddiskplayer I rendered the animation to an HD-MPEG transport .m2t stream with approx 30 Mbits datarate. Often the camera moves over objects and then the animation seems to jerk. Is there a trick to get more smoothness with 25 frames p animations? The picture quality itselfs is good, but the jerk disturbs in the film. I use a quad core PC with 4 GB RAM, and that is generally not the problem, because I render the file with the media encoder!


      Thanks for any advise


      André Brändli