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    javascript menu behind flash. (wmode not working on  64bit centos 5.x with ff 3.5.5, flash 10.0.r32)




      I got a problem that I can't figure out why. Please help/comment on this thread if you have any idea. I'll appreciate your time.


      We're doing a web gui with extjs & flash chart. The problem is a drilldown menu from flash chart to some other page. The drilldown menu is working fine on all other os & browser, but not on 64bit centos 5.x & ff 3.0 or 3.5, which we need to support. It's always behind the flash chart.


      With the firefox coming with 64bit centos 5.x (which I believe it's a 64bit firefox), all of them are not working. But the weird thing is, with some newly installed centos 5.4, if I use a firefox 3+ downloaded from mozzila/firefox official site (I guess it's a 32bit firefox), the drilldown menu works fine. However with some other centos 5.4 which are upgraded from centos 5.2, the drilldown menu won't work. Please see the attached screenshots for the detailed info.


      I've tried many things, tried latest 32bit flash plugin, tried 64bit flash plugin, tried updating the nspluginwrapper (according to http://macromedia.mplug.org/ , ) and several other things. None of them works. From adobe tech note, (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/155/tn_15523.html)




      "Note: The WMODE parameter is supported only on some browser/Flash Player version combinations. If the WMODE parameter is not supported, the Flash movie will always display on top. Refer to TechNote 14201 for details."


      I understand that not all the os & browser & flash version combinations support WMODE, but it really bugs me that with almost the same os (64bit centos 5.4), the same firefox (32bit v3.5.5 downloaded from getfirefox.com), the same flash plugin (32bit v10.0.r32), why some of them can see the javascript menu on top of flash chart, but some of them will always be behind the flash chart?


      Thank you!