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    Device Co-ordinates Conversion

    manofspirit Level 1



      Its easy to convert coordinate from local to global and global to local.

      is there any way to convert device co-ordinates to applicaiton coordinates?


      Lets suppose, My system has a screen resolution of 1280x800;

      Now i take a point based on it, lets suppose new Point(10,10);


      now i want to convert that point into global co-ordinate and it would be like -100/-100.  (minus browser top navigation area)


      Please guide


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          funkysoul Level 4

          I assume that you are talking about a flex application and not an AIR application. I don't see a solution how you want to calculate som

          ething outside of the flash player, what you could do though is use a javascript that repositions your

          browser to a specific location then you know where your browser is and you can do your calculations.