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    Numbering articles

      Two kinda different problems. The boss just asked if we could provide unique article ID numbers for both the hundreds of current articles and all new articles.

      Two questions that arise from this.
      1. Is there a way to number the current articles without adding to each individually?
      2. Is the a way to set up a system to add a number to all new articles automatically. By folder group in the TOC would be great.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Can I safely assume that when you talk about "articles" that these are topics in RH terms? If so, you could perform all your editing for the articles in Word using bulleted headings and then import the files into RH. This should (I think) generate the required topic titles in RH complete with numbers which you could click and drag into your TOC.

          There is no way to number topics automatically inside RH.
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            Linux Rules Level 2
            Hello amgnmatt -

            Colum is on to something, even though many of us don't like Word.

            Just remember to assign the Word default H1 heading to your articles as that is what RoboHelp "reads".