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    Premiere Pro CS4 graphics problem with macbook and Intel Chipset 965


      Hello all.  I just installed windows 7 Premium 64bit on my macbook (2.4 GHz 4GB Ram, black, last generation before the unibodies).  I did have Windows XP Professional 32Bit running Premiere Pro CS3 before I upgraded the OS and the Editor.  So I know that my mac is perfectly capable of editing video.


      I got everything up and running just fine.  After Effects CS4 renders and runs stuff great.  However, when I started using Premiere, everything went screwy.  The playback/preview windows do not work when I select a clip for reviewing.  It won't play in the preview window.  In the Playback window, it goes haywire.  Sometimes it shows a solid green/purple color. When I scrub through the timeline, sometimes it will show the video stretched out with one half of it green tinted and the other horribly squashed right next to it in purple.  I'd do a screen capture but macs don't have a printscrn button. Don't be a hater.  They're still better :-)


      However, when I click on the video window (as if to resize or move) the video will show up fine.  And as long as that clip is selected to manipulate, I can scrub through it.  But the minute the timeline passes to another clip, the preview window goes haywire again.


      Okay, so I know it's my graphics driver.  I updated to the latest Windows 7 64bit driver with no luck.  Any suggestions?  Does it have to do with the fact that I'm using a 32bit Premiere with a 64 bit operating system and driver?


      Any suggestions would be great.  Like I said earlier, I know that I can edit video using CS3 and Windows XP just fine.  So it's not a hardware problem but a software problem.


      Thanks guys!  You all are the best!