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    File migration - not finding files


      I am migrating all my files over to the a new computer and upgrading from PE2 to PE8 using a removable USB hard drive.


      My PE files and all the source clips are organised in a dated folder structure with a single parent folder called 'Movies'. In other words I did the migration of all the source and PE files as a unit so they should all relate to each other as before. However the drive in my new computer is called 'C' and the old one was under the 'D' partition.


      What I am finding is that all the links to the source clips are now broken and although I can re-connect them I have about 1000 in 40 movies and am paling at the prosect!


      I would like to ask if, in trying to recognise the links, PE8 goes right up to the drive letter? And if so are there is any work-arounds for this - i.e. generating a new parent for the 'Movies' folder called 'D', etc.? I don't feel I can rename the drive as this would probably (?) do funny things with the registry.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That is a tough one!


          But, for what it's worth, once you connect one file in a folder, the program will link all other files it recognizes in that same folder. So it may be more like re-linking 40 things rather than 1000. I don't know any other way to do it though, if you're going to move your files using your method.


          An alternative method would be to use the Project Archiver, built into the program. This feature moves the project files along with all of its links to your new location -- so it never loses its links!

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            mannonen Level 1

            Thanks for thaat Steve,


            I've tried a few workarounds of my own first - i.e. creating a parent folder with the same name as the old drive name - but its not having it.


            Then I tried individually finding the files, and it is true the program installs files from the same folders and this is OK for simple movies. However with more complex movies it can end up putting in the right file name from the wrong folder - my files are named after the (sometimes the same) capture number but located in dated folders - and thus the wrong clip.


            In the end I think I am just going to have to archive and transfer each one over in this way. I suspect there are going to be lots of users with this problem - maybe Adobe should look into this.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Adobe did look into it. That's why they invented the Project Archiver!

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                mannonen Level 1

                OK Adobe have installed this feature and it is their product and they can do what they want.. but it is taking

                about 40Gbytes of memory in my old computer to archive (lucky I have this) + c8 hours of my time. I am testing out PE8 ith a view to upgrading to the full version but am under pressure from my peers to move to Final Cut Pro. I still maintain that Adobe might like to think this out.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  I think you'll find that not only Final Cut but also professional NLE software works the same way. The program needs to know where to find its source files.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    As all NLE's work with links to media files, and not the actual files themselves, one must either maintain the same links, or migrate and then re-link the files to the new location. It's this way in PrPro, AVID, Edius and probably FCP, but I'm not on a Mac, and have not used it in any flavor.


                    Now, I shuttle Projects, and all necessary media between several computers via external HDD's. One thing that I do, however, is assure that each of my externals has the same exact drive letter on each computer. This is set in the OS of each computer, and each external is marked with that unique drive letter.


                    Just a tip, that saves tons of time re-linking media files.


                    Good luck,