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    swfutils.jar add ActionScript to swf


      Hello everybody!


      I'm creating swf file using swfutils.jar library. My code looks like this:


           // Create the SpriteGraphics2D object
           SpriteGraphics2D g = new SpriteGraphics2D(100, 100);

           // Draw on to the graphics object
           Font font = new Font("Serif", Font.PLAIN, 16);
           g.drawString("Test swf", 30, 30);        
           g.draw(new Line2D.Double(5, 5, 50, 60));
           g.draw(new Line2D.Double(50, 60, 150, 40));
           g.draw(new Line2D.Double(150, 40, 160, 10));

           // Create a new empty movie
           Movie m = new Movie();
           m.version = 7;
           m.bgcolor = new SetBackgroundColor(SwfUtils.colorToInt(255, 255, 255));
           m.framerate = 12;
           m.frames = new ArrayList(1);
           m.frames.add(new Frame());
           m.size = new Rect(11000, 8000);

           // Get the DefineSprite from the graphics object
           DefineSprite tag = g.defineSprite("swf-test");

           // Place the DefineSprite on the first frame
           Frame frame1 = (Frame) m.frames.get(0);
           Matrix mt = new Matrix(0, 0);
           frame1.controlTags.add(new PlaceObject(mt, tag, 1, null));

           TagEncoder tagEncoder = new TagEncoder();
           MovieEncoder movieEncoder = new MovieEncoder(tagEncoder);

           //Write to file
           FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(new File("/test.swf"));


      I want to add some ActionScript to my swf file. I tried to google but could not find a solution how this can be done. In one of the blogs I read that "swfutils.jar supports reading and writing SWF files and the ActionScript Byte Code (ABC) inside them."


      Please, someone give an example of how to do this.