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    Flex deleted my desktop


      This isn't a joke. I created a folder on my desktop just to test Flex.

      I then deleted the test folder called test from desktop. I was given a warning that this could be not undone.

      I proceeded and every single file from my desktop was deleted, only a few could be recovered.

      Most of my files are stored on a separate hard drive so the damage was minimal but I did lose some important files.

      I researched this issue and found one link, to Air not Flex, but it seemed the user had scripted his issue.

      Mine didn't involve any scripting. It was a delete using the Flex interface (not the SDK, the current trial version for 3.x from Adobe site).

      I immediately uninstalled Flex.


      Is this for real? Are you guys nuts at Adobe???????



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          funkysoul Level 4

          let's see, you probably didn't create a folder rather defined the desktop as a project folder instance..

          Normally you setup a work folder and do your stuff there.. why shoving the fault to Adobe?..

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            flexdesktop Level 1

            If you read the very first line of my post, I understand English is not your language, you will note that I created a folder called test.


            This folder was on my desktop. I selected the folder test, from the Flex interface, for deletion. It did not prompt me to say "Should we delete every folder on your desktop too. Just for fun?". It just warned me that the delete could not be undone.


            I can understand a folder will delete its children/subfolders, but it not should not delete the parent folder. And why stop there? Why didn't it delete all my OS at the same time? I was able to recover most of my files using a command prompt data recovery utility. As I said before, it is thankful that my data files are on another drive and that my OS is ghosted.


            So thank you for your sarcastic post.

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              pauland Level 4

              I think that if Flex was routinely deleting the parent directory, a few people would have noticed by now. You can understand why people might think the fault lies elsewhere. What happened in your case seems unusual to say the least.

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                flexdesktop Level 1

                agreed. it's highly unusual. i'm hoping someone from Adobe will check it out, because I'm sure as hell not experimenting with this software again until i understand what happened. obviously the desktop is not your average folder and I doubt any developers use it for development, hence it would be very uncommon for this scenario to happen. i was just eager to test, so i created a new folder on my desktop.



                and I should specify that it did not actually delete the desktop folder itself..it deleted all files, shortcuts, and folders on the desktop except one. one folder was left standing but its contents were deleted. only the recycle bin and my computer were left.


                i remember very clearly that the folder i deleted was named test. there is absolutely no way that I selected my desktop for deletion. in fact, had I selected my desktop then it would have been deleted as well - only its contents were.


                as i said, I hope Adobe will check this out.

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                  flexdesktop Level 1

                  I reinstalled Flex. Here's the screenshot. If someone wants to test this go ahead..just back

                  up first as it could do what it did to me, delete all folders, files, and shortcuts from my desktop.



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                    pauland Level 4

                    I doubt there are very many (if any) takers curious enough to attempt a re-enactment. Just put your project somewhere else.

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                      Matt Le Fevre Level 4

                      pauland wrote:


                      I doubt there are very many (if any) takers curious enough to attempt a re-enactment. Just put your project somewhere else.

                      i did out of curiosity, but didn't have the same results. I'm feeling lucky though so i'm gonna try it in my system folders next.

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                        flexdesktop Level 1

                        and risk it deleting my OS or my data files? not a chance.

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                          funkysoul Level 4

                          first of all, It was by no mean of being sarcastic and absolutely english is not my native language.

                          Anyway I can't think of a single reason why your desktop should be deleted when a project is deleted from the harddrive.


                          So I've tested a few things out the past half hour:


                          1) create a flex workspace on the desktop, create a project and delete again.

                               - Result: the project folder created is removed and all desktop icons are there.


                          2) create a flex workspace inside a folder on the desktop and a new project therein and delete both workspace and project

                               - Result: project folder and workspace is removed, desktop icons are still there.


                          Apart from my assumption that you created your project on the root of the desktop that showed me that I was wrong, I don't see any other possibilty that your desktop have got wiped out by flex.


                          Which OS & Flex Builder version are you using?




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                            flexdesktop Level 1

                            Thank you for your help. Believe me, I would probably react with incredulity if someone else had posted this and yes, 99% of the time it is the user who is at fault. In this case, I stand my ground, the software is at fault but I don't think we will be able to recreate it.


                            For the record, here is what i know for a fact and what I'm unsure of.

                            First, my system is dual boot XP Home and Vista. I'm not a fan of Vista, so I was in XP at the time.

                            The Flex version was 3.x. I don't know the exact build because the second time I uninstalled it I deleted all traces.

                            What I can say is that it was downloaded from the Adobe site yesterday, so that rules out any malicious code/malware from some third party site.


                            I installed it, trial version. I hit continue when prompted for a registration code and then I started playing with it, before reading the manual, to see how intuitive it was.I had downloaded some test source files (all text, no executables) and I decided to test them.


                            In my screenshot above, I created the folder through Flex. This was not the way I did it the first time. I created a new folder on my desktop and renamed it TEST. I then placed the downloaded source files, which had a hierarchy, in this folder. This didn't work so I thought, "ok time to read the documentation and view the videos".


                            It was then I decided to delete the test folder. I remember four things very clearly.

                            1) The folder I selected was clearly TEST. I'm a big believer in measure twice, cut once, so I'm very cautious when I delete things.

                            2. I chose the option to delete content as well.

                            3. The warning that I could not undo, made me think again. Did I need these files? The answer was no because I had the zip with the src files.

                            4. I hit the OK button and the next thing I knew the Test folder was gone. With it were 2 or 3 shortcuts (I have a very clean desktop) and a few temp folders. I also had a folder called stuff which contained some unfiled things as well as some photographs. The folder stuff was still there but it was empty.


                            I was able to recover my photographs, the other files were not that important.


                            That's it. Sounds like a fantasy, but it did happen.