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    HELP: Calling a C# Web Service with Flex sends all params as null (0s)


      Hi everyone,

      I'm developing a small game using Flex 3 and Microsoft .NET C# 3.5.


      The client is Flex and connects to the C# server via web service.

      All functions work fine except one:


      C# web service:

      [WebMethod(Description = "Some command")]
              public string GiveOrders(long WID, long WPID, string SPK, long SUID, bool IsSquad, Types.OrderType Order,
                                       long TargetID, Types.TargetType TargetType)


      It used to work fine, but one of my updates recently caused the function to call the web service, sending 0s (or nulls) as all parameters.


      Debugging on the Flex side shows just before the data is sent all params are set correctly (Although I know not how to check the actual SOAP data that is sent) - however, debugging on the web service side shows all 0s.


      The odd thing is, all other functions on the web service work 100%.