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    Cast test apparently switches types.


      I'm having a strange casting problem when using livecycle and flex client classes.


      My setup is something like this:

      at the server side:


      <destination id="service">










      at the client side:


      public interface IService {
        function get name () : String;
        function set name (name :  String) : void;



      public class ServiceImpl implements IService {

        public var serviceName : String;

        public function get name () : String {

          return name;


        public function set name (name : String) : void {

          this.serviceName = name;



      <mx:ComboBox id="serviceComboBox" dataProvider="{services}" labelField="name" enabled="false"/>



      Now I would expect the returned object to be of class ServiceImpl.  But apparently the labelField here doesn't exist on the object.  The object is also show in the debugger as Object@... so I guess it's a dynamic object.  First I thought this was an error on the display of the debugger but it's getting a little bit weird.  With serviceName as labelField this does work and when I put a cast test on ServiceImpl the labelField name suddenly does exist on the object.  Anyone any idea why this behaviour occurs?