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    Copy and Pasting Motion? Please help!


      Im quite new to flash. It's really, really annoying me at the minute.


      My situation: I've got 7 frames of animated motion that is exactly the way i want it. I want these 7 frames of motion to loop so it gets to around 300 frames. So rather than doing every frame manually (which takes ages) i went to copy and paste motion.


      So i highlight my 7 frames and click 'copy motion'. Then I try pasting them and i get the error mesage (in the attached picture) that nothing is selected. But i've clicked on the 8th frame, the place were i want the motion to begin, but still it says this error message.


      So then i insert a new frame on the 8th frame space and paste the motion over the top of the 8th frame, but it misses the first 2 frames of animation (therefore messing eveything up) out and the motion is also wrong on top of that!


      Im desperate here, all i want to do is something simple and i dont know how.

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          Justin Putney Level 2

          Motion is defined by Flash as a 'tween.' It looks like (from your image) you're animating with keyframes and not tweens.


          To copy keyframed animation: You can select frames, right-click, and select Copy Frames, then select the frame(s) where you want to paste them, right-click, and choose Paste Frames.


          Also think about putting your animation inside a symbol. That makes it much easier to duplicate and loop a sequence. You can choose the number of times a graphic symbol loops in the property inspector.

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            Sheep316 Level 1

            Yeah i want to animate my keyframes.


            I know i can copy and past the keyframes, but thats not what i want because if i do that my character does not progress forward (or to the right of the screen in this instance). I want to copy and paste the motion so he goes forward  (to the right of the screen).


            I have the character and i want him to walk from left to right across the screen whilst moving his, arms, legs and head etc (the motion) in a certain way.


            Also i had already converted my layers to symbols. I will attach another picture to show you my character.

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              Justin Putney Level 2

              I highly recommend checking out Chris Georgenes' site keyframer.com, he's got tons of great techniques for this kind of animation.