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    Premiere Pro  CS4 After Effects CS4 Redraw problem


      Greetings. I can't quite figure out how to research this problem. I have included some pics to the

      screen grabs to illustrate my point.

      The problem is, I have a redraw problem with all Adobe programs that have a timeline in them. Flash, After Effects, Premiere Pro;

      I am using a 8800GTS card with the latest drivers from nVidia's website.timeline1.jpgtimeline2.jpg

      As you can see I have multiple mouse images that remain on the screen when I scrube the time line ( in all adobe programs). There is also another really weird problem; when I open a quicktime movie with PPro CS4 open the audio runs at half speed or slower. When I close PPro the audio reverts back to normal speed?

      I am using: Borris CC6 Boris 9.2 Boris Red 4.3, Genarts Sapphir Effects, Pixelan Spicmaster 2.5, and Hollywood FX 5 plugins.


      Any light on the subject would help or if you could point me in the right direction I'll do the research.

      Thanks for the help.


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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          assuming the problem is only in adobe apps and not anything else right?




          Well, you can try some of these things

          1. trash the prefs and clean media cache, though I doubt it will help you in this case
          2. try with a new project and see if the problem persists
          3. uninstall ALL plugins and see if that corrects the issue (clearly HFX5 was never meant for CS4 at a minimum and I'm not a fan of old boris stuff - very buggy)
          4. uninstall and reinstall the Adobe apps and see if that fixes the issue.  If it does add back in CS4 compatible plugins only one at a time and see if the problem returns.
          5. also what os are you using and how much memory do you have?  could you be running out of memory on a 32bit os?