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    PE7 only displays part of MPG


      I shot some video with my Sony DCR-SR47.  One of the MPEG files is clipped by about 4 minutes before the end.  I verified the file is complete by playing the file in VLC with no problems.

      Ironically, Windows Movie Maker likes the file just fine.  (Embarassing for Adobe! :-)

      The file is not any larger than other files I copied from my camera.  I even tried copying from the camera again on a different computer and same problem.


      Any ideas how to get the "hidden" portion visible?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I'd suggest taking a look at the file in G-Spot and checking the Duration. In G-Spot, one can also Render the file, both Audio & Video, then, when done, play the file there. This will often point up issues with the file.


          Usually, when an MPEG does not play fully, there is a problem with its index, in the header. I'm not saying that this is the case here, but that is a common problem. Usually, VLC Player will find this, and offer to fix the index. Obviously, this did not happen with VLC Player, or you'd have mentioned it.


          Good luck, and let us know what G-Spot has to say,




          PS - here is the Rendering location in G-Spot:

          G-Spot Screen 01.jpg

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            SoCalTyro Level 1

            I saw you recommend G-Spot and downloaded it. (Below.)  Is there some sort of file check tool that could repair the header or a way to tell Pre to ignore the header and scan the whole file?


            Here's what I see when I open it:


            Don't see any errors, but I don't know a lot about video so I would miss something subtle.


            I tried rendering.  The "Vid" and "Aud" didn't give an error (only clicked "1"); "MS A/V" gives an error about not being able to render audio. Here's what I see:




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              SoCalTyro Level 1

              VideoReDo saves the day!  Fixed it! :-)

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Great news! Working with MPEG (both Audio & Video) can have all sorts of problems, beyond just the quality loss incurred, when the compression was done.


                Glad that you got it sorted,