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    An enquirey concerning eligibility for possible 'upgrade' purchase


      Hi everyone...

      I recently have purchased a valid and legitimate (brand new and sealed) version of Adobe Premiere from a reseller on Ebay.

      The version in question is Premiere 6.0 and it was won via a bid. Giving that no one else made any bids, I got it for a complete steal.


      As I mentioned... The version is legit with a genuine license, and I obv have proof of my purchase via paypal receipt and other related emails. It was also purchased from a proffesional reseller.


      So my question is... Do I qualify to be able to purchase an 'Upgrade' version of the newest Premier Pro?

      The upgrade policy of this site .. ( http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/153/tn_15304.html )

      states that to qualify, you just have to own a single user retail license for said software, have evidence of purchase and a registered seriel number.


      I do have all of these things... However I'm not sure how tangible my eligibility for an 'upgrade' purchase is, due to the nature my purchase.

      Any elaboration on this issue is much appreciated ...