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    Export release build from WAMP-2-LAMP questions


      Having some difficulties with exporting a release build to move onto a linux host. Looking for a better solution that will ease moving the code (build) to Prod env/version.


      Other than the Flash Builder breaking when I start changing the server and path values that reflect the linux paths - I'm unable to export a release with the errors.Is it a build-time thing that it needs all this config - or is it in the release (post-build) that I do all my config edits?


      Am I going about this the right way ? - or is there an easier way to export a release with the server settings as a config file - or a way I can just have one version in FB rather than trying to hack a production release to linux from windows?


      Using the PHP services generated by FB - a folder called .model has the service config file for all the services - XYZ.fml



          <annotation name="ServiceConfig">
            <item name="PHP_RELATIVE_LOCATION">XYZ/services/HactionService.php</item>
            <item name="PHP_SERVER_ROOT">C:\Program Files\Zend\Apache2\htdocs</item>
            <item name="DEFAULT_ENTITY_PACKAGE">valueObjects</item>
            <item name="PHP_SERVICES_FOLDER">C:\Program Files\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\XYZ\bin-debug\services</item>
            <item name="PHP_LOCATION">C:\Program Files\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\XYZ\services\HactionService.php</item>
            <item name="LINKED_FILE">HactionService.php</item>
            <item name="PHP_SERVER_ROOT_URL">http://localhost/</item>
            <item name="ABSOLUTE_ENDPOINT">http://localhost/XYZ/bin-debug/gateway.php</item>
            <item name="PHP_CLASS_NAME">HactionService</item>


      noticed the amf_config.ini file and that has linux paths for Zend - and I think that's ok - but the paths are reverse for on and not the other.


      webroot =C:/Program Files/Zend/Apache2/htdocs

      zend_path = C:\apache\PHPFrameworks\ZendFramework




      Details - Win7, FB Beta 2, WAMP



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          Hi Martin,


             Below are the steps to do an export release build and deploy the same on to any required target server (in your case MAMP)


          Export release build of the project with the existing server settings:


          1. Do export release build of the project.

          2. zip the bin-release folder contents into say <xyz>.zip

          3. upload xyz.zip to the target server and unzip its contents to /wwwroot/<xyz>/


          Additional configurations and installations:


          1. Zend installation: Your current local webroot would have a folder called ZendFramework, zip it and upload it to your server.
             Unzip the framework in your web root. If Zend Framework is installed in a location other than webroot, then you would have to update the amf_config.ini file. The amf-config.ini file will be found in the <xyz> folder
            -    Uncomment and modify zend_path variable to the absolute path of the Zend framework directory.
            -    Set amf.production to true.
            -    Update webroot with the absolute path to the web root on the server


          2.  Ensure that any of the php services used by the application is already deployed on the server.
               Ensure that the same directory structure is maintained for the services deployed.



          Hope it helps.