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    Major time wasting bug in PixelBender IDE

    Geordie Moffatt Level 1



      Was trying to get a shader working in flex, which I knew had worked before.  Nothing seemed to change the shader, edited all sorts of stuff, made sure that the file was exporting and flex was compiling it etc.


      Then I worked out that:


      PixelBender IDE exports the last saved shader file, not the current working code even if you have compiled it!  I intentionally wasn't saving the shader src  because I was trying to work out what was going wrong.


      Can the IDE at least promp you to save the file before export or something, just wasted 2 hours on this


      And while I'm at it it's very annoying having to browse to a different path EVERY time I want to export binaries for flash.


      I know all this is prerelease but still