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    Cannot render using XFL why ?

    gregory magid

      Hello  everyone i got a series problem, trying to render .aep file using the new XFL option in cs4


      at first AFTER EFFECTS didn't give me  trouble at all when i rendered nor png formats nor flv to flash cs4 ,


      but now i keep getting this  massage "an error occurred while opening an XFL document " and i really


      don't know why this is happening.


      i triad to low press my files , to change my comp size and to import without dragging the files directly to Flash.


      pleace halp



      Gregory Magid

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Did you attempt to run any Adobe updates recently? If so, they may not have been applied correctly and messed up things. I opened your project on my system and it went to export just fine. Or did you set your FLV options to some strange values perhaps?



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            gregory magid Level 1

            Hey thank you for the quick reply .

            i need to say that couple of days before it really worked great but now it doesn't.

            i didn't tray to  run any Adobe updates because there are non.


            i give this prog to my friend and he couldn't open them   .


            but i really wished to have whatever is that on your computer because on main it just' stop working.


            i will tray to look up some updates for my machine.


            if you are having other suggestions i will be happy to look them up also .


            thank you wery much hope that it wil halp ^_^...

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              gregory magid Level 1

              Hallow my  problem didn't solve itself , and yes i did


              all the necessary updates, but you right it works perfectly fine on my second PC


              I probably really changed something in the configuration of after effects or flash...


              so thanks anyway.


              have a great day


              Gregory Magid interactive designer ^_^