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    Here are my thoughts on PRE8 "it donot work........"

    Anthony Abegglen Level 1

      A wast of money,it does not work , testing and testing, crash after crash not able to save , not able to do simple dvd's , crashs ,I have put it in the box of software that does not work. Now before the poeple that say check your pc check this and check that go to this link use the problem to endit all............ All our PC are biuld for NLE they are spec and they are tested. PPRo CS4 works well after 4 updates  , Canopus Edius 4.61 works very well, Photoshop cs3 work. After removing PRE8 I install, PPRO2 , to test the DVD side and it works very very well .

      It seems every year the sitution with new programsand software  have more and more problems , thread after  thread from users have problems. It should not have to be like this,I would understand if the PC's that were used were  not working with the other problems but the work , PRE 8 should be robust and work as it is made for the layman and home use with  very little problem if any , I understand if the Pro version have problems.


      Adobe I challenge you for once to make sure something that works before releasted , somthing which will work on most PC's ,Solid and stable.

      Stop putting software on the market that is bug riden.