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    Jagged edged text



      I am very new to fireworks

      I bought  fireworks and installed about a week ago and been enjoying creating numerous things however yesterday I tried to create a new banner for my business and  when on clicked on text button and started to type text it came out all jagged.


      I tried everything including trying different fonts but nothing seemed to fix it  I even tried re-installing fireworks thinking it might have a glitz


      I am at a lost to what is going on. I can open a saved banner that had good text in it and I can add into it with good text but as soon as I create a new canvas and select text button in vector and type it  comes out jagged. I do not understand why it worked okay a couple of days ago and then for no reason has gone jagged.

      I have not added any other programmes into computer at all in fact I have changed nothing.


      I have fireworks  version


      any help would be great as it is sending me crazy


      I have attached a sample of what the text looks like

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          First of all, install the Fireworks update patch, available at adobe.com. You are not running the latest version of FW CS4. Second, it looks like you have your text set to no anti-alias. Try swtiching this setting to a different anti alias setting in the Property inspector.

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            trevorg1111 Level 1

            Hi Jim

            did all of what you suggested but still having no luck with text any other suggestions?

            I have attached again the results after I did what you suggested

            It does not make any sense because it was working okay when I installed it a few days before

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              pixlor Level 4

              The second example looks okay to me, and it's distinctly different from the first, non-aliased example.


              If you still aren't happy with the results, you can make a Fireworks document at 2 or 4 times your intended size (of the text image object), setting your font size up by the same factor. Export to a flattened png, open the flattened image, then resize to 50% or 25%, as appropriate. Leave space around your text and you may need to play with the placement of the text from the edges.

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                Jim_Babbage Level 4

                I agree it is definitely an improvement over the original sample. Can you share what you are using the text for? Is it to be embedded in a graphic or is it just there to emulate text in the flow of a web document?