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    Export error

    Derek Sky Level 1

      'Export error

      Error compiling movie.

      Unknown error'


      OK, so that's what PE8 says when trying to save the project to a wmv file. Likewise for mpg.

      It's a brand-new install, the project is otherwise OK  and I have pre-rendered all pieces (<enter>).


      Anyone know what an 'Unknown error' might be?


      If you have some clues as to what might be the cause, please tell me (cc to the Adobe software developers too!).




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's almost impossible to interpret these things without a context, Derek.


          We really need to know how fast your processor is, how much RAM you have, how much free, defragmented space is on your computer as well as they operating system you're running, if it is 32-bit or 64-bit, if it is completely up to date (including your firmware and Quicktime) and what type of camcorder your video is coming from.


          Sorry, but we really don't have enough information to help you.

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            Derek Sky Level 1

            Thanks Steve!


            So by implication  the 'unknown error' could be caused by any number of causes: lack of hardware resources (4G RAM, dual core 2.4 GHz), hard drive x 3 (working space 1TB, with 800GB free and clean), operating system (Win Vista Home, 32bit, up-to-date SP1), Quicktime (latest), type of video (MOV from Canon S10).


            That's a big pool of hardware and software to start looking in! Are there any strong leads?



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Thanks for the specs. Your computer may be a bit underpowered for editing your type of video, but you may be able to get by.


              Your camcorder shoots in AVCHD. Is your project set up for AVCHD (stereo, not 5.1 audio)?


              What are the specs of the WMV you're trying to output? Which preset are you using? Are you able to output any other format -- say an MPG2 at 1440x1080i?


              You say you have 3 hard drive. Does your C drive have at least 50 gigs of free, defragmented space?


              BTW, shouldn't up-to-date Vista be SP2?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                This ARTICLE will give you an idea of the main things that we need to know to help you. You might say that they are the "Big 3:"






                And, it does not hurt to know exactly what you are doing, when you encounter an error message. More detail is better.



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                  tech_savvy Level 1

                  Hi Derek,


                  This problem also comes if your video has some frames which the PRE is not able to interpret. So, I were you, I would export my video in small-2 chunks each of say 1 minute by adjusting the workbar area.

                  By doing this, you would get to know exactly which 1 min segment has the problematic frames which is hindering you from exporting the entire video.


                  Try this, hope it will help you.

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                    wish this worked

                    Does anyone know if there are fixes coming for this.   I have only had the software for a week and still unsuccessful in producing a single quality video.  The only way i have gotten it to actually publish a movie is to use the "instant movie" process which took about 14 hours and was a cluster - none of the clips matched up - it jumped all over the place and repeated many of the clips but not anywhere near to the right sequence - didn't follow dates of the clips or the order I brought them in - more like a random slideshow of clips.


                    I have tried un-installing nad re-installing, removing the media clips and then bringing them back in, burning to DVD, publishing to the computer - all I get is errors.   And the errors vary and vary at the point in the process - sometimes right at the beginning - sometimes 7%, 32%, 61% adn made it once to 83% only for it to die with an Error Compiling Movie.  Unknown Error.


                    I am running it on a monster machine -   Intel i7 CPU 970 at 3.2 GHZ, 12 GB ram, 64 Bit OS, Windows 7 Ultimate, and have over a Terabyte of free space on the HDD the application is running from.


                    I have re-run the same project on my old machine running Windows Movie maker and it ran perfectly first run.


                    I wish I would have read the Adobe boards on all the issues with this software prior to buying.  I have seen some comments that PE7 works much better than 8 - does anyone know if Adobe will allow you to downgrade/

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Can you give us the details of your Project, the Preset used, the Assets/source files and how you have edited that footage?


                      There is likely something in there, that might help.


                      does anyone know if Adobe will allow you to downgrade/

                      Early in the release of PrE 8, Adobe did offer a downgrade, but that was almost a year ago.


                      Good luck,



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                        wish this worked Level 1

                        Thank you very much for your assistance.   As you can tell I am a bit frustrated.  I have read what I have been able to find but still coming up at a loss.


                        The project is a combination of AVCHD Video (.MTS) video clips, QuickTime Movie (.MOV) video clips, and JPEG stills.  I have played them in the preview window and they are all fine.  I am using no menus or transitions at this point.   Just want to walk before I run - just trying to combine media from a vacation into 1 video.


                        When trying to do MPEG get - ERROR COMPILING MOVIE- UNKNOWN ERROR - the estimated time keeps going but it doesn't complete the production


                        Presets - NTSC DVD Standard

                        File Type - MPEG2-DVD

                        Frame Size 720x 480

                        Frame Rate - 29.97

                        TV Standard - NTSC

                        Audio - 192, 48, Dolby

                        File Size - 2577.8 MB

                        Duration 57 min 2 sec.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          OK, the AVCHD is HD, and what about the MOV files?


                          For a DVD-Video Project, I would convert the AVCHD to SD, and use them in a DV Project (either NTSC, or PAL, depending on your location). If the MOV files are also HD, then I would convert those first too.


                          Good luck,



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                            nealeh Level 5

                            wish this worked wrote:


                            I wish I would have read the Adobe boards on all the issues with this software prior to buying.  I have seen some comments that PE7 works much better than 8 - does anyone know if Adobe will allow you to downgrade/

                            If within your thirty days, and not trying to produce something urgently required, you may wish to return PRE8 and wait to see if PRE9 is announced over the next month or two.


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