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    Flex Builder mysteriously deleted a mxml file when I clicked "undo" button for that file

    Johnking08 Level 1

      I'm using Flex Builder 3.2 professional. I lost one day's work because of this. I checked the file directory from Window OS, the file had gone, not even in

      trash can. I tried "Restore from Local History" in FB, but nothing was there. I created this MXML file from coping and pasting a similar MXML and modified it. When I did an "undo", it actually did a "Undo Resource Copy", which deleted the new MXML file. Then I did "Redo Resource Copy", which only got me the original copy. I lost all the changes I made.


      I have been using FB for more than 2 years. This is first time I have this problem.

      Have anyone had similar experience? Is this a bug in FB 3.2? Any back doors?