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    Where is this elusive DV-AVI Type II export setting?


      Using PE4...


      Recent threads on exporting parts of clips mention exporting to "DV-AVI Type II" and unchecking "Recompress" etc.  As far as I have found, I have three AVI options available via File - Export - Movie - Settings - General:


      Uncompressed Microsoft AVI

      Microsoft AVI

      Microsoft DV-AVI


      Under Video - Compressor (if this is the relevant place to look), the Uncompressed Microsoft AVI option offers 10-bit YUV... or 8-bit YUV..., and both the the Microsoft AVI and Microsoft DV-AVI option offer DV NTSC or DV PAL.


      I've searched around the settings and can't find anything that says "Type II".  So am I missing something obvious?  Do I need to download a different Codec or something?  Which export settings do I use to export DV-AVI Type II as recommended?


      Thanks for any help,