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    How to find tags in InDesign

    Ervin Bernhardt Level 1



      I have a problem with InDesign tags. I hope I've mapped tags to styles correctly, but suppose this: you have a tag inside another tag, like subscript inside italics. I then need the subscript to be italics as well. This seems to be a bit of a problem for Indesign.


      Why I post this in Scripting forum is, that I tried making a script that finds all subscript tags in a document, then determine if it's within italics tag and if yes change th style to italics.


      But if (the name of the markup tag of x) is "sup" then... doesn't work ("can't get markup tag of text from character 123..." etc.), and I cannot google anything similar. Can you please help me out? (Applescript would be perfect, but JS will do, too).


      Many thanks,