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    catch mxmlc output with php


      Dear All,


      Thanks in advance.


      I am compiling an .as file with mxmlc on the fly using PHP.




      exec("mxmlc example.as",$retval,$success);



      The output of above is just:

      Array (     [0] => Loading configuration file /site/fsdk/frameworks/flex-config.xml )


      Whereas actually, when I execute "mxmlc example.as" (From command line linux) I get many errors as:


      public class My_273860 extends Sprite   asdfasfasf 



      I want to catch all the errors:


      Please help,


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          timoxley Level 1

          Perhaps, and i'm really just guessing here, but perhaps there's a problem with your webserver accessing the configuration file, and mxmlc simply stops there.


          I'm guessing that it's not actually producing any more output otherwise it'd probably show it, so perhaps there's a difference between you running it from commandline vs from php:


          One thing that changes is the user (your user vs apache) and possibly environment variables, so you might want to double check apache/php can access the configuration path.