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    TextInput control misbehaves when using the East-Asian fonts

    Sunil A.Nair

      I am a little curious about this issue and I would like to get some help from our community. The issue is about fonts when using East Asian languages.I have all East-Asian language installed on my computer (WIN SERV 2003)and I let my flex application to use the local system font(font is not embedded) to get the Japanese character. When I start typing the characters into the Flex textinput control everything works properly as expected until I reach the boundary of the textinput control, the characters gets displayed outside the textinput and I would need to press the enter key to get the fonts inside the textinput . Have anyone experienced such problems when using fonts for Japanese, Chinese etc? Refer the image for more clarity.Please help

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          chris.huston.t10 Level 3

          This is the expected behavior for Japanese in my experience. The reason, I think, is that for Japanese characters the text input process has two steps. First the basic phonetic characters are entered and then these are selectively changed into kanji characters which can shorten the final input text. So it makes sense to calculate the textbox height after the text has been finally input, not while it is still being input. The enter key is the event that signals the text should be submitted. I don't know about Chinese, but for Japanese, this is the standard way of handling text input in my experience.