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    Photoshop CS4 Plugins/Filters in Fireworks CS4?

    harikaramsingh Level 1

      Is it possible?  I go to Filters > Options > Locate Plugins where the window prompts you to choose the "Photoshop Plugin Folder".  I do this and Fireworks says it wants to restart and when we come back, nothing!

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          pixlor Level 4

          There are some plugins that work with Fireworks, yes.


          When you install plugins, then you need to tell Fireworks (or any program that handles plugins) where they are. Generally, if people have Photoshop, there's a default folder under the PS structure for plugins. You don't need to put them there, you can put them anywhere you like. (Since I have multiple programs that can use plugins, I put my plugins at a top level, rather than under one program and then point all my other programs to my plugins folder.)


          Have you installed any plugins? If so, then this dialog is so that you can register the location with Fireworks. If you haven't installed any plugins, then the default folder under Photoshop is probably empty, and that's what Fireworks is showing. Have you looked in that folder location? Is it empty or does it have plugins in it?

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            Jim_Babbage Level 4

            PS filters will not work with Fireworks, unless you have PS 5.5 or lower kicking around. Even then, they won't all work and I believe the functionality is limited to Windows only.  If you have 5.5 kicking around, and you are on Windows, you will also have to edit the disabled plugins text file.  That said, as Pixlor pointed out, there are many 3rd party plugins (free and otherwise) which will work with FW.  This free article may help:  http://www.communitymx.com/abstract.cfm?cid=48D51

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              harikaramsingh Level 1

              Thanks.  I havent installed any additional plugins.  I just the have the CS4 ones.  There are in the photoshop plugins folder but dont showup in Fireworks.  I also tried choosing the "Filters" folder in PS....   Hopefully Adobe might bring them all under one roof one day.  Building a website in Fireworks has been amazing by the way....so much better than PS or Illustrator alone.


              Thanks for the help.