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    Issue with CFINCLUDE

    apocalipsis19 Level 1
      Hi There!

      I am dealing with a wack situation. I am writing a small application for one of my clients and I created a -let's call it- system_query.cfm file that contains the functions I use the most accross the program. In each of my pages I am using <cfinclude template="system_query.cfm"/> Now, let's say that I have a screen that gets staff info, imagine you are looking at it right now, and let's say I call a function to check a user,

      <cfset checkUser = checkUsers(ZONE_ID=form.zone_id,BUILDING_ID=building_id,USER_ID=form.user_id)/>

      Once I declare this function and I try to reload the page I get a blank screen. Please note that the checkUsers() function belongs to the system_query.cfm file that I am including. My datasource is correct, if I use cfquery tags I pull data from the database. I am having a hard time with including this template so I use my functions.

      Any thoughts??