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    countdown clock for powerpoint needed


      I am searching for a minutes-and-seconds countdown clock that I can integrate into a powerpoint file.  This ppt file would be used at business meeting breaks and show the time until the next session.  It needs to appear as countdown text only, with no fill, to allow the ppt background to show through.  It would generally need to count down from 30 minutes, or other preset lengths.  I need to be able to adjust the font and font attributes, and be able to place the countdown where I need to on the screen.


      Has anyone seen a clock like this, or be interested in creating one?  I would be willing to pay a bit for it, and I know there are other folks like me (A/V techs and powerpoint users in general) that could make use of it.


      This will be a help.  A 30 minute clock built of 1800 powerpoint frames is no fun and not really accurate either (!)