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    HD input > BluRay output with no transcoding?

    paulgoelz Level 1

      I have given up using PE7 for HD editing (too many issues) but since I own it and since my current editor will not burn BluRays with menus I'd like to render the finished project and then use PE7 to burn to BluRay disks with menus.  Anyone know if there is a format for source material that does not require re-encoding the video prior to burning to BluRay in PE7?  Or does PE7 re-encode no matter what the input format is?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Because of the workflow Premiere Elements uses, virtually any format you load into it will need to be rendered and re-encoded in order to produce a BluRay disc. So the process you're describing would probably not be the most effective way to use this program.


          There are a number of products that can produce DVDs from MPEG2s with very little re-encoding. I don't know of any BluRay authoring tools that will, however. At least not for less than $200.

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            paulgoelz Level 1

            Thanks Steve, that's what I figured.  I could always render the edited project to DV-AVI as a transfer format and place the AVI on the timeline but that means two lengthy renders to get to BluRay even if the quality didn't suffer.


            You're right about that.... when I did some research the other day I was surprised to find that there really isn't a BluRay authoring application that does menus for a price that is reasonable to a home vidiot like me.  So in the mean time, I'll settle for DVD output and/or menuless BluRays, both of which my non-Adobe editor does flawlessly from HD source.  From across the room, the SD DVDs made from my HD source material look pretty good even though they are 720 X 480.