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    CF8 / IIS7 / ColdFusion.Ajax.submitForm errorhandler not working


      We make use of ColdFusion.Ajax.submitForm to do the login for our site. If the user/password provided is not found I do a cfthrow with a custom

      error message that gets picked up by the errorHandler and updates the screen with the message "User not found". This worked fine till we upgraded

      the server to IIS7. Now all I get is the "Internal Server Error."


      I have googled the issue and searched these forums and found various threads about changing the errorMode or setting the existingResponse to passthrough in the IIS7 config. I have tried these and still not gotten anything to work. The only change I get is if I update the coldfusion config to

      not pass in the HTTP error codes but in that case my error message simply becomes "OK". Not too helpful of a message.


      My question is. Has anyone else run into these issues on IIS7 with Coldfusion 8 and if so, how did you configure the server to stop blocking the custom

      errors? Any help would be great.


      Thanks in advance.