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    can't find main.css

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      Hi, this is my first FC project, and its due in 2 days, ahhh!


      that said, I've run into a snag.


      I started a second state (page, whatever) and imported a .swf file into it that i made in regular ol' flash cs4. When I tried to run the program FC directed me to the code page to see an error. It said it could not locate my "Main.css" file. I don't believe I have moved the project since starting it, and all the assets are in the same file as it. I don't even know WHERE i would find the main.css file, but it won't run because of this error so i'm stuck.


      any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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          Hi Max,


          It sounds like you've hit a bug in Catalyst. If you send me your project, I can check it out (and maybe fix it). My email is my name (no spaces) at adobe.com.


          Do you remember the steps you took to get here? Can you cause the problem to happen again in a fresh project? I'd love to get this bug fixed.



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            I'm also having the same problem too.  As soon as I start adding interactions and playing with the transitions for my multi-link/page navigation.  I get the missing "main.css" error.  Once I get the error, it interferes with all my previous version of the page, making them also non-functioning.


            Here is the code from the workplace where the error was identified:


            <fx:Style source="Main.css"/>


            Here is the error:


            Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
            Problem finding external stylesheet: Main.css    Main.mxml    joshphotography_edited-1/src    line 3    Flex Problem


            Your help is much appreciated it.  I like the program, but if I continue to have problems... i'm going to have to abandon it.



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              I may have found a fix for this, although I'm not sure if this would be a 'best practice'. I kept running into the same problem, which was keeping me from Running the Project, or publishing to a SWF. What I did, after hours of trying stuff and trolling the net looking for answers, was publish the document as a .swf as soon as I imported the document from Illustrator, and stored the files in the same folder as my .fxp. It automatically created all of the source files and all of that.  I was then able to create components and such and they ran in the browser just fine. I hope this helps.


              P.S. Thanks to Adam Cath, I was able to figure this out by looking at your file structure in my course files from your Catalyst 101 class at MAX.