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    Topic files disappear from version control

    Andragogue Level 1

      Dear all,


      we're working with RH7 and verison control on a server. Today (again) some of my topic files disappeared from version control. They are on my local copy and are considered when I compile the primary output. But it is not possible to change those files any more. A error message states:


      "The files in the list below could not be found in version control.

      You may need to get the latest version of this project before you can modify this document."


      Understood, the file:

      - was created under version control.

      - is physically still on my hard drive and also on the hard drives of the two other platforms connected to the project.

      - is not editable on any of this platforms.

      - is not checked out by anyone.

      - can not be re-imported as RH7 says it would already be there.

      - can even not be deleted.


      This is an ongoing error. At a former occurence with another file, I had to re-build the whole file with all images and links. The original file is still left on the folder of the project manager as a relict and can't be deleted. When trying, the same error message pops up.


      What can I do to add this file to version control again?

      How can I prevent further occurances of this error?