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    Path tool



      i'm from germany sorry for my bad english... but i will try to explain my problem.

      well, i draw a bezir line (path) in inkscape, because its more easy to use and saves a lot of time for me then the beziertool in illustrator.

      than i saved it as an .svg file.

      but if i open it in illustrator many functions are not availabel to me.

      my idea is to let a path look like hand-drawn or painted .... and i want to edit the some path

      lines later. ( i want to edit it like a path drawn in illustrator with the bezier tool.)

      i attached the svg file to understand my problem.


      thank you for helping me


      greets Martin

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          JETalmage Level 6

          ALWAYS state what version of Illustrator you are using.


          Your file opens in CS3. Always look at the Appearance Palette to see what kind of object is selected. It will tell you it's a Group. All you have to do is ungroup it to work with the separate paths.



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            Bourne2323 Level 1

            Ok thank you i figured it by myself out. It is CS4.

            And i had just to look at the top right menu in the linestyle window.

            I thougt there were every time some defaults.


            thank you Martin