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    List assets in InDesign Library (JS)

    penyfai Level 1

      I'm trying to get a list of assets contained in an Indesign Library using JavaScript. Been struggling for a few hours and got bruises on top of my head from running into brick walls! Can someone please put me back on track?


      This is what I've tried:


      var graphicLibrary = new


      if (graphicLibrary.exists)






      alert("Creating new Library");

      var graphicLibrary = app.libraries.add(File("/Volumes/ColourPrint/InDesign_Adverts/99/99999999_library.indl")) ;


      //get graphics associated with the advert

      var getGraphics = getGraphicsFunc();




      function getGraphicsFunc()


      //test for graphics in Library



      libList = app.getElements("99999999_library");




      This opens an existing library or creates a new one well enough, but the last bit, where I'm trying to get my list of assets or elements is letting me down.




      Cheers in advance......

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          penyfai Level 1

          After much searching: I finally got to Dave Saunder's blog, that contained the one line I needed to put me right.


          and here it is!!!



          graphiclist = mylib.assets.everyItem().name;



          My head is mush after 3 fruitless days - but if this helps anyone else, then all well and good.


          Thanks for putting this on your blog Dave.