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    Syncing DNG Metadata

    RacerX2oo3 Level 1

      Does anyone know of a utility or a workflow to sync information from one set of DNG files to another set of DNG files.   I'll provide the scenario I'm working with.  I convert all my RAW files to DNG files on my home desktop computer.  I will also occasionally copy the DNG files from my desktop to an external driver to be Edited in Lightroom on my Laptop compter.  To me the benefit of working with DNG, is that the file itself hold all the Lightroom adjustment information, however, I haven't found out a good way to sync the data back and forth between local and remote copies of the same file. 


      I can physically copy the files back to the desktop from the external drive, however that involves moving the entire file and replacing the existing files (and any edits I might have made on the desktop system). 


      It seem crazy that there is no good way of Syncing just the DNG adjustment information between separate files as this is one of the biggest reasons of why I moved to DNG files in the first place.


      I've got a feeling that I'm out of luck here, but not sure why as this seems like such a simple function.



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          Greg Barnett Level 2

          From a workflow perspective, you’re sort of defeating the purpose of placing metadata within the DNG file... For myself (and probably many DNG users), the DNG becomes the master file so to speak, specially because of the metadata capabilities. And although I have multiple levels of back-up, I only work from one copy of the file. The master files (and my LR catalog) live on external drives, providing access to any machine I work from. Sorry if this is all obvious stuff to you but one never knows the level of understanding from a posting on a forum like this. There are a lot of different strategies out there for moving back and forth between computers.

          As for your question, I’ve never run across a stand alone utility that performs just a metadata sync. But have you thought about exporting your catalog (or a subset of the data) from the laptop to the desktop? You can then import the catalog to your desktop, merge the data, and update the DNG’s (on your desktop) without having to copy over all the of files from the laptop. The only glitch being that if you have two different sets of adjustments for the same file, you’ll have a metadata collision that will need to be resolved.  And if you have a lot of files in that category, it may be a real PITA... As I mentioned, I prefer to keep the files and catalog mobile rather than having to constantly sync back and forth with the import/export function. But as they say, your mileage may vary...

          Hope that helps-