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    Visited the house next door. Got kicked out when I offered a gift

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      I'm not the first and  I won't be the last.  I just got lured into it. Others have described this problem online in much less temperate language than I intend to use.


      I am Applescripting away in InDesign, minding my own business, when it strikes me that I can simplify a rather tedious workflow involving images.


      So I end up getting Photoshop to open an image I've got the lowdown on from InDesign. It's the first time I've opened the Photoshop Applescript dictionary and I am delighted to discover I can do all sorts of cool things. My script ends up prepping an image for editing in Photoshop.


      Then I have the bright idea of writing a second script starting in Photoshop after the edit, doing the housekeeping, saving a copy of the image in a Hi Res images folder, closing the original without saving (it's a Jpeg workflow ) and getting the Finder to hide it in a Done folder, then returning to InDesign to re-link the image to the processed one in the High Res folder.


      Finish writing it and then discover that to enter the kingdom of heaven that is Photoshop's Scripts folder, it has to be JavaScript. Applescript not



      I've nothing against JavaSceipt, except that I haven't learned it. In fact this has prompted me to download the demo of BBedit and some docs on the language.


      It's just that hating to waste some hours of labour, I was wondering if my first JavaScript could be to launch my Applescript. Thus I could get into the Photoshop Scripts folder in disguise and assign a hotkey to it.


      Is it possible I could do that with a JavaScript, or are there any other solutions... which don't require expenditure? I am doing this for a company that is tightening its belt so often that it squeaks when it speaks.