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    trouble opening PDF doc in internet explorer


      Have Adobe Reader 9 installed and using Internet Explorer V. 7 on a PC.  On a particular web site I can't open PDF files from their hyperlink -- just get a blank box.  Have turned off all firewall, cleared history/cookies, etc. to no avail.  The web site's technical support has no more ideas, as they are able to open the links from their end.  Problem seems limited to a particular web site, as I'm able to correctly display on other sites.  I am also able to open them using the Firefox browser, but not internet explorer.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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          To make the hyperlinks in PDF file work, do the following:

          Open your Adobe Reader

          Then select Edit à Preferences… from the Action Bar.

          To make the links active, select Documents (under Categories).  On the right side, now under PDF/A View Mode, using the drop-down change  Only for PDF/A documents  to  Never”.   Now click the OK button.