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    Global Crisis Solution

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      Financial crisis has passed gradually into an economic one. Its effects have been felt in different ways all over the world. U.S.A. and Europe have sunken into a deep lack of cash. As a result, banks no longer lend one to another, also they have been reduced crediting physical and legal persons. Crisis has affected all types of companies, from the smallest to the largest, regional, national and international.


      In these difficult conditions many businessmen’s go bankrupt. The winners are those who start changing things in the right way, at the right time. New solutions for old problems, that’s the secret. Someone, even try to take advantage of crisis "popularity", manufacturing t-shirts  and accessories with inscriptions like: "the victim of the crisis” ,”bought on the last money", etc..


      Others seek solutions to reduce the costs, for being able to keep up their business. A way would be to use old services at lower prices. For example, if before you were using a fax machine, for now it would be more useful to subscribe to a Fax via Internet Fax Service. Keeping in touch with your customers and partners, promote your brand, by fax mailing, at prices lower than market average. Even if you already use an Internet Fax, you still can compare prices of your service provider and prices offered by http://en.popfax.com :


      - Receiving Faxes for FREE

      - Send worldwide 0.07 USD/page

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      - Free Testing without providing credit card details


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      for more questions about fax to email, please don't hesitate to visit FAQ from the site's webpage.