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    Creating a Conditional Redirect (with an "else" option) using "registerConditionalTrigger"


      I have created two conditional triggers for where to send the user after the form processes... more specifically, I am trying to create an "Else" scenario .  I can't find any documentation on the best way to do this (or even just a more elegant way), so I just created two conditional triggers.  This seems to be working in action, it just seems to crash Dreamweaver when I try to open the page to edit it!


      I'm not sure if something is wrong with the way I've done this, or if something is wrong with DW.  I'm working in Code view, but maybe there's an option I can select to make DW stop trying to process the code or something?  Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated, otherwise I'm going to be stuck coding this page in a separate text editor from now on. 



      $upd_items->registerConditionalTrigger("{localRecordset.fieldName} != {fieldName}", "END", "Trigger_Default_Redirect", 99, "../update_url_A.php?item={id}");
      $upd_items->registerConditionalTrigger("{localRecordset.fieldName} == {fieldName}", "END", "Trigger_Default_Redirect", 99, "../update_url_B.php?item={id}");



      Thanks for your time!

      - Michael