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    If Multiple Hittests equal true, go to and play next frame


      Hi All,

      I am trying to finish up a project and run into this problem, right now I am trying to create a drag and drop game and on the last game you can drop

      parts into the others, what I want to happen is that when all are in the correct spot gotoandplay next frame. This is my current code,



      if(one_mc._droptarget=="/onedef_mc" && two_mc._droptarget=="/twodef_mc" && three_mc._droptarget=="/threedef_mc" &&
      four_mc._droptarget=="/fourdef_mc" && five_mc._droptarget=="/fivedef_mc" && six_mc._droptarget=="/sixdef_mc" &&
      cave_mc._droptarget=="/cavedef_mc" && eight_mc._droptarget=="/eightdef_mc" && nine_mc._droptarget=="/ninedef_mc" &&
      ten_mc._droptarget=="/tendef_mc" && eleven_mc._droptarget=="/elevendef_mc" && twelve_mc._droptarget=="/twelvedef_mc");


      this is the if statement, im just not sure how to implement the gotoandplay...

      Does this make sense?