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    Flex 3.2 application runs different on other computers


      I just made a 3D rubik's cube game in Flex 3.2 targetting player version 10.0.0. I built the release version and it runs fine. The problem is when it runs on some particular computers, especially macs. Mine is a windows vista 64 pc. The stage is set to 644x493 but when the other person runs it, the pixels get stretched beyond their borders and the stage is somehow enlarged. Also, not all the polygons are getting drawn, and even in the wrong screen positions. I'm not using any third party 3D engines, all the code is mine. I draw the polygons usng beginBitmapFill and BeginFill. I fidgeted with the compiler options in Flex but I don't see what might be the cause.


      this is a screenshot from the game running on a mac displayed incorrectly, a rubik's cube made up of smaller cubes is supposed to be displayed, but only one cube is being drawn, although the glow filter is applied correctly, and the pixels at the right and bottom borders are getting stretched.





      This is how it's supposed to look instead