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    Copy/Paste Frames in New Layer Un-Synching from Guide


      I recently upgraded to CS4 from Flash MX 2004, and I'm experiencing a problem with something I've literally been doing for years in Flash. What I do is copy/paste keyframed animation from one layer into a new empty layer. I then trim the animation as necessary, insert a new key frame, and repeat this action over many layers. In all my previous Flash version experience (think back to Flash 4 I've been doing this), the animation pastes perfectly into the new empty layer. This allows me to fill a street map of roads with arrows down a stretch of road that repeat perfectly over a 8 frame animation.


      What's different is in CS4, once I paste in the animation into the new layer, it un-synchs from the motion guide. I then have to manually re-synch, or attach, it to the guide.


      I need for this NOT to happen. Is there a setting or preference some where I am not seeing that prevents the un-synching from happening? I don't understand why CS4 would be different in this regard to the previous versions of Flash I've had experience with.



      Thanks for your time.

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          Im having trouble too. If I have an animation attached to a guide and If I merely change the position of a keyframe, it will un-attach itself from the guide and I have to go back to the layers and re-attach it.

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            MetroTrafficMapMan Level 1

            A friend who has worked for me in Flash doing what I do and is now in school has informed me that guides in CS4 are no longer used, that they want you to use motion tweens instead, so the guides are difficult to use now, and as she put it "They found a better way to do motion so they want you to use the new way". She also informed me that this not the case in CS3, and that you can save your CS4 file as a CS3 file and use the guides normally without buggy behavior.


            She also confirmed that what I do in Flash can't be done, or rather is just grossly ineffective and time consuming, with motion tweens.


            If Adobe is reading this, I for one would sincerely appreciate it if you un-did the buggy behavior of guides, and reinstate the code in CS4 to allow us to continue using guides normally.


            Thank you.