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    Can't access Canon video clips


      I have a brand new HP laptop running Windows 7.

      I have just purchased Premiere Elements 8.

      I just shot various video clips using my new Canon 7D DSLR as well as my year old Canon sd880 point & shoot camera.

      I have copied the vido clips onto my laptop.

      The clips play fine both in the cameras as well as on my laptop.

      All files are .mov


      But now I want to put them together and edit in Premiere Elements 8.

      But PE8 does not recognize the file format.  I get an error message when I try to bring these files into PE8.

      Say file format or codec is in error.


      Seems strange that an Adobe product can't read a Canon file.


      (My Photoshop CS4 reads all still images with these cameras just fine, including raw)


      What cat I do to get these Canon video file sin PE8?